Proposed Bill Pushes For Around The Clock Gambling in Rhode Island

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Politicians may be slow to take to ideas that will enhance their revenue intake through gambling. Once they move forward with casino gambling in their state, however, they are quick to get used to the money.

William San Bento, a Democratic Representative from Pawtucket, has sponsored a Bill that would allow for casinos to stay open for twenty four hours in Rhode Island.

The state is similar to other states in that it is facing severe financial struggles. To help with those finances, San Bento has outlined a plan that he says would generate $25 million in revenue for Rhode Island.

The House Finance Committee is holding a public hearing on the legislation at 4:00 P.M. on Thursday at the Colony House. Legislation has been introduced by Representative Russell Jackson that calls for voters statewide and in the host community to vote on whether to allow twenty four hour gambling.

There is also legislation on the table that would allow for more slot machines at two gambling parlors in the state. There has been no timetable set for when the House Committee will listen to testimony on the proposed Bill.

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