Sports Betting A Top Priority In Delaware For Governor-Elect

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Sports gambling is one of those taboos that politicians try to stay away from. While other forms of gambling are being legalized throughout the United States, sports gambling remains an issue politicians run from.

Not Delaware Governor-elect Jack Markell. He is taking office in January and one of his top priorities is to make sports gambling legal in his state.

Whether he will meet resistance with his plan is yet to be seen, but that will not stop him from trying to legalize sports betting. He believes that he has a plan, slightly different than Las Vegas, that could make his state a lot of money in these tough economic times.

The basis of Markell’s new plan is parlay bets. These are bets in which a gambler has to chose at least two games to win a bet. The bettor gets odds based on the number of teams he places in an individual bet.

The big difference between Delaware and Las Vegas will be that no gambler will be allowed to make a straight bet. That means, a player cannot simply pick the Rams +14. They must couple the Rams with another team, and win both.

Parlay bets are a favorite among gamblers because of the odds. A two team parlay usually pays 13-5, and a three team parlay nets odds of 6-1. Although parlay bets are among the most played in Las Vegas, sports books also like the action.

The more games a bettor has to pick to win, the better the odds for the sports books. If Markell’s plan is put into law, it could set off a chain reaction, much like what is happening in the U.S. with casino expansion.

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